A Must Read Article from The Chief Happiness Officer

Hey you people! You know who you are.

The one who told me your boss makes you feel like a buffoon. The one who told me that his boss told him he wasn’t “cool” anymore. You, who IM’d me and asked if I thought you needed to see a doctor because you cry every day at work? The ones who tell me you are bored and your talents are underutilized. You – that man who’s just hanging in until retirement, but miserable beyond belief. You know who you are! You know your blood pressure is sky-rocketing, you know you’d rather go to the dentist than go to work. You know I am not making these scenarios up!!

Check out this article from The Chief Happiness Officer on How to Deal with a Bad Boss.

See, you aren’t alone. You aren’t a buffoon, you don’t need to up your meds, these things happen to a lot of people . There are constructive things you can do about it. I have actually tried some of the things that The Chief suggests. When they didn’t work, it elucidated the situation I was in very clearly, so I knew my path was to leave the department or leave the company entirely. When they did work, my job got better!

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  1. Russ says:

    Hey Uninspired ! Glad to see you are writing again. Especially liked the photo-journalism on the Portland Snow piece . Keep writing !

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