Snow Trekking

Here is a journalling of my day off in the snow on January 16, 2007. It was a blast!

Today it snowed in Portland, OR. While we are very used to wet weather, we aren’t used to anything frozen. It only snows like this about once a year, so the city grinds to a halt.

There was hardly any snow when I got up this morning, so I headed into work. (I am a bus commuter.) I never made it to work, though. In fact, I ended up walking back home.

It seemed like a good time to make use of the camera in my cell phone, so here is an account of my 3 hour tour.


Miles Trekked: 6

Hours spent Trekking: 3

Number of falls taken during Trek: 2

Number of broken bones: 0

Snow Accumulation during Trek: 3 inches

Brewskis consumed during Trek: 0 pints

Cups of coffee consumed during Trek: 24 ounces black; 20 ounces skinny mocha nutty (no whip)

Boulangerie items consumed during Trek: undisclosed at this time though unconfirmed reports indicate calories consumed outnumber calories burned.


6:10 AM There is just a dusting of snow on the ground and no precipitation falling in SE Portland, looks like a typical work day.

6:45 AM Arrive on foot at coffee shop on SE Woodstock. It is snowing harder now.

7:00 AM The 19 bus arrives and is not chained up. Still seems like a typical work day, although it is snowing pretty steadily and sticking.

7:15 AM The 19 bus starts sliding around on 39th and Woodstock. Sliding continues for the rest of the ride. Passengers pretend they are on Disneyland ride. A few times we applaud the bus driver.

7:30 AM Another bus is disabled just before the bridge. It looks like a truck slid into it. The 19 has made it over Ross Island Bridge. Traffic is very blocked up downtown. Decide to disembark bus on 1st and Arthur.

7:40 AM Arrive at Hubby’s office and email into work that I’m snow trekking my way in and will be late.

The view from Hubby’s window reveals the Trolley is blocked by cars that have slid onto the tracks on one side street, a 17 bus has slid out and seems disabled on another street.

Pettygrove Park

Above Photo: 8:00 AM Pettygrove Park Downtown Portland

I receive a call from work telling me only two people are in so far and a couple 17 buses are disabled on NW 27th.

It seems like getting home from work may be tricky, and the snow doesn’t seem like it will be melting anytime soon. I make the decision to head back home.

Hawthorne Bridge

Above Photo: 8:15 AM Hawthorne Bridge

Since buses are skidded out all over downtown, I decide it is faster for now to go by foot, so I head over the Hawthorne Bridge.

Downtown Portland

Above Photo: View from the Hawthorne Bridge

SE Portland

Above Photo: I made it to SE Portland. At least the trains are still running!!

Roots Brewing Co.

Above Photo: SE 7th – Roots Brewing Co.

The saddest sight ever – a closed brewery. A nice glass of wee-heavy would sure warm me up right now!


Above Photo: SE 9th Ave

Hey lady, the mountain is behind you!!

Ladd Park

Above Photo: 9:30 AM Ladd Park

I’ve made it to the heart of the SE, Ladd Circle. I’m halfway home.

Hedge House

Above Photo: Hedge House Pub on SE Division

Another closed pub! Dammit! I want BEER!

Petite Provence

Above Photo: 10:30 AM Petite Provence Bakery on SE Division

What’s this? A boulangerie?! Don’t mind if I do!

Skidded Out Bus

Above Photo: Skidded out bus and fully functional mailman on SE 52nd Ave

The bus may not make it’s route, but the mailman sure will!!

self portrait

Above Photo: 11:15 AM Snowy self portrait.

I make it home and collapse in the back yard.

Fish Pond

Above Photo: The Fish Pond

Hope Lucky, Steve Jr. and the Goldfish Gang are staying warm in there!

Snow Fairy

Above Photo: Snow Fairy

When I left home this morning there was no snow in the back yard. Now there’s 3 inches!

Teeny Tiny

Above Photo: Teeny Tiny’s First Snow!


Above Photo: Tsu is not a fan of snow.

Teeny on Computer

Above Photo: Web Master Teeny Tiny helps me with this Snow Trekker Journal.

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