Kim’s Martial Arts Movie Marathon
I am a newbie in the world of martial arts movies. In fact, I believe that I have barely scratched the surface of martial arts movies. As a child, I watched some martial arts movies with my father and brother. However, I wasn’t really a true fan of these types of movies until much later in life, when I first saw a Jackie Chan movie. It is from this experience that I have developed my Martial Arts Movie Philosophy. I think these movies are for fun, and should not be viewed too critically. You should feel good when you leave the theatre. You should believe that you have seen athletic acts of wonder. You should feel honored that many of these actors and actresses have done their own stunts and defied death itself (ok, maybe I’m getting a little dramatic) to entertain you. You should feel breathless and giddy, but not really be thinking too much. Here are a few of my favorite martial arts movies that adhere to the philosophy of “giddy, athletic fun.” For more info on any of these movies check out The Internet Movie Database.
Rumble in the Bronx
This is the Jackie Chan movie that made me realize I like martial arts movies.

Supercop (a.k.a. Police Story III)
Jackie Chan and Michelle Yeoh. There is great debate in my house over which movie is better: Rumble in the Bronx or Supercop.

Drunken Master II (a.k.a The Legend of Drunken Master)
Everyone in my house agrees this is our favorite Jackie Chan movie. Anita Mui plays Mrs. Wong (Jackie Chan’s character’s step-mom). She is hilarious in this role.

The Seven Samurai

Big Trouble in Little China
Magic, Gods, and Kurt Russell in tight jeans. Need I say more?

Twin Warriors (a.k.a. Tai Chi Master)
My favorite Jet Li movie (so far). I love the main musical theme in this movie. It is kind of whimsical. I find myself humming it a lot.
Iron Monkey
Nice humor, beautiful fight scenes, very fun.

The Heroic Trio
This is a “girls kick butt” movie starring my three favorite martial arts actresses: Michelle Yeoh, Anita Mui, and Maggie Cheung. With characters like Wonder Woman, Invisible Woman, and Thief Catcher, how can you go wrong?
Wing Chun
Starring Michelle Yeoh. This movie is from the female point of view. It is very funny, and Michelle Yeoh’s fight scenes are excellent (especially the scene with the bean curd).

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon
Starring Yun-Fat Chow and Michelle Yeoh (and a lot of other really great actors and actresses). A lot of my friends who don’t like martial arts loved this movie. It has amazing fight scenes, but also beautiful music, scenery, characters and plot.

My Father is a Hero (a.k.a The Enforcer)
Jet Li. When father and son fight in tandem, and the son is attached to the rope like a little human makes me very happy!

Once Upon a Time in China I, II, and II
I have not watched these yet, but the trailers look VERY promising (you can view all three trailers on the Dragons of the Orient DVD).

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